Interactive Solutions

Interactivity between participants before – during – after the event becomes crucial for organizors.

ONETEC is specialized in Easy Communication Walls and Easy Voting Systems.

Communicating via Twitter, SMS, E-mail or Web-interface whereby all information is centralized in a monitoring system for moderators.

ONETEC’s Easy Voting System allows increasing envolvment of the participants through ludique games (Quizz) or more serious questionnaires (during seminaries) or General Assembly Voting.



  • - Improves attendee interactivity
  • - Personalised, branded interface
  • - Includes moderation tools
  • - Improves online visibility during your conference
EasyCOMM is the perfect tool for generating interest and awareness of your event online by creating a hub for all online communications relating to your event.

EasyCOMM encourages your attendees to send comments and feedback through tweets, email, SMS and online messages during the event. These messages are then displayed on a fully customised screen either in real-time or after moderation.

A comprehensive moderation system ensures that irrelevant or offensive messages will not be displayed on the screen. With EasyCOMM you can create lists of permitted users and topics in advance of your event, or onsite with a smartphone/laptop.

OneTec can brand your easyCOMM wall with the logo of your event or sponsors. The whole interface can be customised.

To get the conversation started at your event – choose easyCOMM!

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  • - Collect all attendance records in one file
  • - Multi-purpose features
  • - Connected to the easyBADGE system
Collecting the signatures of your event attendees is no easy task, and can create queues at big-scale events. EasySIGN offers a simple and practical alternative.

Combined with easyBADGE, your event attendee will present his/her barcode to be scanned and the personal badge will be issued. A small and easy-to-use touchscreen is presented to the attendee who can then sign in with his/her finger or stylus.

The tablet automatically links the signature to the attendee’s name in the easyBADGE database. When exported to Excel, a digital image of each signature will appear in a separate column.

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  • - Multipurpose facility
  • - Real-time communication
  • - Integrates with easyBADGE
Instant communication with every attendee during your event through short SMS alerts. This is what easySMS offers!

During the registration process, easyREG and easyBADGE can collect the mobile phone numbers of your guests.

Then our easySMS system is able to send SMS messages to a targeted group or to all of your delegates with up-to-date information or important updates. The content could include logistical details, advertisements from sponsors or schedule reminders, etc.

The phone numbers are automatically deleted from the database after the event to guarantee the protection of personal data.

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  • - Improve attendee interactivity
  • - Involve your delegates in decision making
  • - Branded interface
EasyVOTE is a wireless interactive voting system designed to make your meeting more dynamic. Ask a multiple-choice question and your attendees can vote using wireless keypads, with the results displayed on screens.

Audience Q&A sessions can be long and inefficient – waiting for the microphone, non-answered questions, off-subject remarks…

EasyVOTE improves the interactivity between the speaker and the audience. The organiser prepares a series of key questions based on yes/no, true/false or multiple choice and asks them to the attendees.

With personal voting keypads, each member of the audience can submit their answers anonymously. The results are instantly calculated by easyVOTE and displayed on the screen.

The system can also handle votes by SMS, email or online messaging, enabling audiences to take part even if they are in different rooms!

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  • - Paperless solution
  • - Free of charge for the consumer
  • - Simple and efficient
Meet your sustainability targets with eco-friendly alternatives to traditional printed materials. With easyDOC, your guests can view a user-friendly e-brochure in the comfort of their own home!

EasyDOC follows a very simple 4-step process:

1- The participant identifies an interesting brochure displayed on a leaflet holder. The brochure is labelled with a short code.
2- The participant sends an SMS (free of charge) mentioning the short code of the brochure.
3- The participant receives the URL link of an online platform with a login and password by SMS.
4- The participant visits the URL link where he can easily download the document.

The simplicity of the system brings with it endless possibilities for its application. Discuss your ideas with us!

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Networking is a key objective of all events and easyMEET has got it covered!

This online networking platform enables guests to register before the event, creating a professional profile page. Once registered, attendees can view the profiles of other attendees and exchange messages and arrange meetings to take place at the event. When a meeting is confirmed, a personal diary is created for the users on their profile page with the appointment marked on.

EasyMEET can be combined with several other OneTec tools:

1- easyNFC for exchanging virtual business cards
2- easySMS for receiving text message reminders of your meeting appointments
3- easyREG for collecting the data from the registration platform to create the profile page

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Personalised badges with a magnetic chip that can be charged with personal data or virtual money, depending on its usage.

The chip can be read by NFC readers to perform actions such as V-Card exchanges, document downloads, virtual payment or access to restricted areas.

Creativity is the only limit of NFC technology – if you can think it, we can make it happen!

The OneTec team will work with you to build this technology into your conference and realise its full potential, guaranteeing an effective and positive experience for easyNFC users!

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  • - Unlimited application
  • - Practical and easy to use
  • - Multiple sizes and formats available
Touchscreens are popular because they have excellent screen resolution, are easy to use and comfortable to carry.

OneTec has an extensive stock of touchscreen devices that can be loaded with apps and content of your choice.

The screens can be installed on branded totems or attached to tables, depending on how they will be used.

All the screens display full HD image quality and are available in a range of sizes.

The screens can display useful information such as venue maps and advertising, or they can be interactive such as the NFC totem, web applications or interactive map options.

When combined with easyNFC, the touchscreens can recognise their user and deliver a more personalised experience.

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